Spaghettoni with wild garlic pesto and burrata

Ingredients (4 P)

100 g Wild garlic
½ Garlic clove
30 g Pignoli, roasted
100 g Parmesan cheese
50 g Olive oil
½ Tsp Salt
1 Burrata (300 g)
400 g Spaghettoni (or other pasta)

Bring a pot of water to the boil. Add salt.
Wash the wild garlic and cut the leaves twice. Pour into the blender.
Add the peeled, halved clove of garlic.
Cut the parmesan into pieces and add to the mixture.
Add salt and olive oil and mix to a paste.
Roast the pignoli in a pan without oil until golden brown. Mix with the pesto.
Cook the spaghettoni al dente. Strain and collect 2 spoons of the cooking water. Put the pasta back in the pot, add some olive oil and the 2 spoonful of boiling water and mix with the pesto.
Spread on preheated plates and arrange with the chopped burrata. Rub a little Parmesan cheese over it.

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